The Migos are on the precipice of dropping off their upcoming album Culture 3and while it currently appears locked in the perpetual coming soon stages, it’s only a matter of time. Though it’s admittedly been a minute since the trio delivered a new single, Migos have certainly increased the flurry of pre-album Instagram activity, signaling that a rollout is unfolding before our very eyes.Today, the Atlanta trio took to Instagram to issue a reminder that the album is indeed “coming,” though they opted to keep the specifics close to their chest. They did, however, provide an endearing glimpse into their behind-the-scenes recording process, sharing a brief video that finds each member hard at work in the studio.In the video, OffsetQuavo, and Takeoff can be seen tracking vocals and working through new sections, with the opening showcasing the latter two members coming up with some new melodies. Quavo is notably coachlike in his demeanor, quarterbacking as he and Takeoff repeatedly navigate through a section. Offset gets the spotlight next, firing off lines in the booth, landing some while others simply go the way of the mumble. It’s an interesting glimpse at how the dexterous trio puts in work, and it should be interesting to see how everything comes together on wax.

Speaking of which, we’re nearing the last week of April with no sign that Culture 3 will close things out this Friday. As such, it’s likely that more details (and possibly a new single) will surface in May. Keep an eye out for developments on the anticipated album, and in the meantime, check out the latest behind-the-scenes drop from the Migos below.


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