Mike Dean Leaves Kanye West’s “DONDA” Over Toxic Environment


Mike Dean was playing a major role in the album’s development.

If you are a big Kanye West fan, then you should know exactly who Mike Dean is. The producer has been a major part of Kanye’s success over the years and whenever the artist needs something mixed or spruced up a bit, you can be sure that Dean will be a part of it. Dean has been around hip-hop for decades now and has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of dope artists, including Travis Scott

While Dean might be respected around the industry, many fans have noted just how hard he’s been working in light of DONDA‘s delayed-release. Kanye is living in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and for weeks now, there have been memes about how Kanye is keeping Dean locked up in some dungeon where he can’t do anything except mix and master songs. Well, it appears as though those memes weren’t too far off, as Dean took to Twitter last night to tell fans that he was no longer in Atlanta and that the atmosphere in the stadium is incredibly toxic. It all started with a tweet in which Dean said “fuck it,” all before noting “good to be at the house.” Eventually, there was a Twitter thread in which fans spoke about Dean’s contributions and how Kanye needs to be treating him a lot better. This prompted Dean to respond saying “Toxic. That’s it.” From there, Dean went on to say that he has no clue when DONDA is dropping and that he doesn’t know anything about Travis Scott‘s UTOPIA either. While some of the tweets were deleted, fans ended up screenshotting them as a way to keep the records alive. 

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