Lil Durk Warned Meek Mill To Visit O Block “At His Own Risk”


Lil Durk advised Meek Mill to visit O Block “at his own risk.”

O Block is historically a pretty dangerous neighborhood in Chicago, known for its high levels of gang violence. A few very prominent rappers have called O Block home, including the late King Von, who narrated tales from the block in his music, becoming one of hip-hop’s most coveted storytellers. Lil Durk, Von’s close friend, has also spent a lot of time in O Block, and when Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill expressed interest in visiting the neighborhood, he had to issue him a quick warning, telling him that it might not be safe.

During an interview, Lil Durk spoke about O Block, revealing that Meek Mill asked him a while ago if he could accompany him to the Chicago area. Durk’s answer was wise, advising him to go “at his own risk.”

“Meek told me a long time ago, ‘I wanna come to your ‘hood,'” revealed Smurk. “I’m like, ‘At your own risk, bro.’ I’m not gonna sit up here and tell you, ‘You good, bro.’ I’m not even good, you know what I mean?”

There were rumors that Lil Durk was interested in purchasing O Block after the main buildings went on sale earlier this year, but before he even got a chance to enter a bid, it was already off the market.

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