Akon Says R. Kelly Needs to Rethink Life After Sex Crimes Conviction


Akon says R. Kelly needs to reevaluate all of his life choices after being convicted in his federal sex crimes trial … but he also believes there’s still a road to redemption for Kelly.We got the artist at LAX and asked him about the guilty verdict in Kelly’s case, and if there’s any coming back from that. Akon says Kelly needs to do some deep reflection and talk to God.He’ll have plenty of time for that convo. The disgraced singer’s looking at 10 years to life in prison when he’s sentenced next year.And, although the jury found Kelly guilty of all 9 federal counts — including sex crimes, kidnapping, human trafficking, racketeering and obstruction of justice — this doesn’t mean his life is over … in Akon’s eyes, at least.He tells us even Kelly has the right to try to make things right with his victims. He also offered some sage advice for those survivors.Of course, the singer’s legal battles are just beginning. Kelly still is facing another federal trial in Chicago … and 2 other state trials for similar charges.So, is it time for the public to cancel Kelly’s hit songs, once and for all, now that he’s been convicted? Akon has thoughts on that too.

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