Offset Realizes He’s Addicted To Instagram


Offset says he’s addicted to Instagram after being locked out for a few hours on Monday.

Yesterday was either very refreshing, or it was an absolute nightmare. Social media users were blocked from some of their favorite websites on Monday, with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger all experiencing global outages throughout the day. Service was restored in the evening, but that didn’t stop people from complaining all over Twitter in the daytime.

A number of rappers and artists have spoken out about the Facebook shutdown, including WaleBoosie Badazz, and others. But it was Offset who made the strongest observation during the outage, claiming that the most recent blank has shown him that he has an addiction to social media.

“Damn I just noticed I’m addicted to Instagram,” wrote the Migos rapper on Twitter, unable to log into the platform for hours amid the outage.

Like millions of others around the globe, Offset was unable to access any of the posts being uploaded to Instagram on Monday. The service was temporarily unavailable, causing a $6 billion decrease in Mark Zuckerberg’s personal net worth, dropping him to the fifth-richest person on the planet.

Even though he’s currently living it up with his wife Cardi B in Paris for Fashion Week, Offset still needed some time to scroll down his feed. Did you notice anything about your own social media habits during the outage?

Damn I just noticed I’m addicted to Instagram

— OFFSET (@OffsetYRN) October 4, 2021

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