Ray J Files For Divorce From Princess Love…Again


Ray J is currently recovering from pneumonia in a Miami hospital, but it hasn’t kept him from filing to divorce his wife for the third time.

We’re pulling double duty on the Ray J news this evening. The multihyphenate entertainer has recently made headlines following reports that he had been hospitalized in Miami. Ray J is currently battling pneumonia and must be isolated from his family as he recovers. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star revealed to TMZ earlier today (October 6) that he continues to struggle to breathe and for a while, he kept praying because he “thought it was over.”

Amid the news regarding Ray J’s health, it has also been reported that he has, once again, filed for divorce from his wife, Princess Love.

The couple’s relationship has been detailed extensively on reality television, but they have also shared their ups and downs on social media. Princess infamously posted on Instagram back in November 2019 that her husband allegedly left her and their daughter alone in Las Vegas while he partied with escorts, causing a meltdown between the two. They separated, filed for divorce, and reconciled, only to repeat the breaking up process several more times.

Ray J and Princess Love seemed to be back on track in recent VH1 interviews as they spoke about moving their family to Miami and even possibly welcoming more children in the future, but that no longer seems to be the case. E!! New reported that they got their hands on court documents that show Ray has filed for divorce today, while hospitalized. Back in September 2020, Ray filed for divorce and asked for “joint custody of their kids, and requested a Los Angeles judge uphold their prenup.” His current divorce requests are unknown. The couple shares two children: Melody Love, 3, and Epik Ray, 22 months.

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