Birdman Snaps On Irv Gotti For Detailing Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Contract


Birdman recently discovered Irv Gotti’s comments from a 2017 episode of “Everyday Struggle.”

In recent months, it feels like Birdman has been attempting to repair the poor public image he’s established from his alleged business dealings. The industry rallied behind Lil Wayne during his dispute with Cash Money and Birdman. Meanwhile, the New Orleans-based label was raking in dollars from their deal with Universal.

Though it seems as if issues between Birdman and Lil Wayne are now water under the bridge, Baby still seems to have issues with people chiming into the matter, even if their comments were made four years ago. Irv Gotti’s appearance on Complex’s Everyday Struggle in 2017 seemingly made its way to Birdman’s timeline this week. Gotti explained to the show’s co-host Birdman’s business dealings with Universal and Lil Wayne including the 90/10 split with UMG from distribution. “I heard Universal, every few years, cuts them n***as $100 million,” Gotti said as he broke down Cash Money’s catalog and potential earnings. Meanwhile, Akademiks and Nadeska urged Birdman to “cut the check.”

“Slim and Baby got it,” Gotti continued. “That’s why I said, I was like, ‘Yo, fuck it, n***a. [Lil Wayne] deserves it.’ It’s not like the n***a said, ‘Hey, I’m your son. Give me money.’ This n***a deserve it, yo.”

Though it’s been roughly four years, Birdman has evidently been too busy with other ventures to dive into hip-hop-related talk shows. Birdman took to his Instagram page where he reposted the clip of Irv Gotti speaking on Cash Money’s business dealings in 2017. “I’m jus seen this,” he wrote. “[Blood drop emoji] mind ur Fukin business I been a get money n***a RG.” The brief response doesn’t seem to have gotten Irv Gotti’s attention but it wouldn’t be surprising if the Murda Inc. CEO completely forgot about his commentary on Complex in 2017.

Is Birdman right to feel a way about Irv Gotti’s comments years later? Let us know in the comments and check out the clip below.     View this post on Instagram           

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