Yella Beezy Allegedly Raped Woman On First Date


A woman alleges rapper Yella Beezy raped her after their first date in April.

Dallas rapper Yella Beezy has been accused of allegedly raping a woman following their first date in April. The “That’s On Me” artist was arrested earlier this month on sexual assault charges, and details are finally coming out about the allegations against him.

According to a report from TMZ, Yella Beezy raped a woman in April even after she told him to stop. The unidentified woman went to the ER following the alleged rape, which happened after Yella allegedly reached out to her on Instagram and asked if she wanted a new friend. They had a brief conversation on the platform before planning a date for dinner and bowling.

After dinner, Yella allegedly invited the woman back to his house as they waited two hours for their bowling reservation. Once they arrived at his spot, they played cards and spoke more. Yella allegedly asked for a massage while he was shirtless, and the woman gave him one. After the massage, the rapper allegedly started aggressively kissing her and pulling up her dress. She repeatedly told him “no” but he allegedly started raping her before she was able to run away. She says the rapper tried to gaslight her by saying she initiated the sex by kissing him.

In addition to sexual assault charges, Yella was also arrested for felony child endangerment charges and a misdemeanor for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

We will keep you posted on more information as it gets released.

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