Instagram Announces New “Black Perspectives” Initiative


Instagram just announced their new initiative “Black Perspectives” in hopes to create a new opportunity for Black creatives.

Hoping to give Black creatives a new platform to help leverage their talent and gain exposure, Instagram has just announced a new initiative called “Black Perspectives” – a project designed to support Black creatives. “Black Perspectives” will also support creatives that are giving back to their community with opportunities like educational workshops, and more.

In the UK, Instagram is collaborating with four Black creatives and will give them an opportunity to push their own initiative on a larger platform. LGBTQ+ youth worker and community builder Tanya Compas will launch a two-day boot camp designed to help LGBTQ+ youth break down stereotypes through content creation. GUAP co-founder Ibrahim Kamara will launch a six-week workshop session called #TheBriefand Kiss FM host Henrie Kwushue will launch Free Game, an exclusive content series. Lifestyle influencer Estare Areola, will also launch her content challenge series The Creator Quest.

Per Complex, over the next few months, each of these four creators will work alongside Instagram to deliver their initiatives, give back to their communities, and inspire rising content creators. “At Instagram, we’re committed to supporting and nurturing the careers of emerging Black talent, and Black Perspectives is an embodiment of that “, Georgia Kelly, Emerging Creator Partnerships, UK & Nordics, Instagram told Complex. “Black creators are consistently driving culture forward on the platform and too often face barriers to success in the creative industry. Together with our change-making lead creators, we’ve curated a programme that will support emerging talent to forge careers for themselves both on and off Instagram.”

The first is initiative is set to launch in April.


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