“The Wendy Williams Show” YouTube Channel Disappears, Twitter Reacts


Just last month Wendy announced that she plans to launch her own podcast after her show’s conclusion.

It hasn’t even been a month since the final episode of The Wendy Williams Show aired, but fans are already devastated to see that the YouTube channel associated with the popular talk show has been scrubbed from the internet.

As Variety reports, on Monday (June 4) it became evident that the accompanying page, as well as domains previously used (such as wendywilliamsproductions and wendyshow) are no longer the home of content related to the 57-year-old’s series.

If you try to search for the channel through YouTube or various search engines, you won’t find anything, meaning that countless hours of shorts from The Wendy Williams Show (many of which have become beloved memes and reaction videos on Twitter) may very well be gone for good.

“They are trying to erase [her] legacy right in front of our eyes,” one upset social media user wrote after finding out the news earlier today. “They know her YouTube channel is our last memory of her iconic talk show. There is no good reason for her to delete her channel.”

Another person pointed out, “Deleting the Wendy Williams YouTube channel is a huge loss of residual ad money for YEARS to come for any involved parties. What an absolutely insane decision.” For now, at least, the show’s beloved Instagram page remains to provide us with comedic content.

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