Derek Chauvin Given 21 Years In Prison In George Floyd Civil Rights Case


Derek Chauvin had previously pleaded guilty to violating George Floyd’s civil rights.

A few months ago, Derek Chauvin pled guilty to violating George Floyd’s civil rights. Of course, Chauvin had already been convicted of murdering Floyd, although he was also facing a federal civil rights charge. After being convicted of murder, it’s clear that Chauvin knew he would lose the civil rights case, and it ultimately led to his guilty plea.

This past week, U.S. district judge Paul Magnuson decided to hit Chauvin with strict punishment for his crime. According to Global News, Chauvin will now face 21 years in prison. Chauvin had been sentenced to 22.5 years for murder last year, and these two sentences will be served at the same time.

While some might find this an easy out for Chauvin, it is important to note that his original conviction allowed him to be released on parole after 15 years. His federal conviction, however, will see him in prison for at least 18 years before going in front of a parole board. It isn’t a massive difference, although it is a slightly harsher fate, all the same.

Chauvin was reportedly unapologetic throughout this trial, and he ultimately didn’t seem to be fazed by the ruling. Now, he will spend time in federal prison, where he is less likely to be attacked or hurt while incarcerated.

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