Young Thug’s Lawyer Says The Rapper Is Rotting In Jail: “It Is Unjust”


Young Thug is still behind bars awaiting trial for his RICO case. Although the YSL rapper has been active of Twitter, leading fans to believe that he’s in positive spirits, his lawyer Brian Steele says otherwise.

According to Steele, the “Slime” rapper is “rotting” behind bars while facing unjust circumstances. “It is unjust that [Young Thug] rots in the County Jail and has not yet been provided complete discovery by the prosecution and is being required to wait on the appointment of counsel for co-indictees,” Steele shared. “This Honorable Court must intervene to prevent this injustice.”

While Thugga’s trial was initially scheduled to begin in January, prosecutors asked the court to push it back to March. “It is unconscionable that the District Attorney’s Office did not provide the Court system with notice that there would be a great need for appointed counsel on an upcoming case well in advance of the return of the indictment.”

Brian’s outrage comes on the heels of Thug’s YSL protege, Gunna, being denied bail on Thursday (October 13). During the proceedings, the prosecution stated potential witness intimidation as a reason to deny the rapper bond. “One of the other co-defendants asked that the defendant Kitchens be made aware that he would be willing to wack somebody for him,” the prosecution said.

Back in August, Young Thug was denied bond for a third time during a heated hearing in which Steele suggested the Grammy-winning rapper is the subject of a law enforcement vendetta dating back to a 2015 drive-by shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

Young Thug and Gunna are two of dozens indicted in the Fulton County RICO case involving ties to Young Slime Life. Thug’s trial is set for March 2023.

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