Ciara’s Oscars Gown Causes Controversy, Fans Call Out Double Standard


people are still discussing Ciara’s risqué gown. The hitmaker was stunning in a Dundas dress that showed all her “goodies,” and it stole attention. Underneath, Ciara only wore pasties over her breasts and a thong to complete the breathtaking look, and reactions were a mixed bag. Critics called out the singer for stripping down to nearly nothing, mentioning that she often touts her faith. However, her defenders have clapped back, making for an ongoing conversation about whether or not Ciara should show off her backside as a mother of three.

On Instagram, CiCi uploaded a photo from the Academy Awards night and was soon flooded with reactions. Some men said they would never allow their wives to go outside in such a dress. The more religious crowd condemned Ciara professing to be a Christian while putting her body on display. The singer’s Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson husband didn’t seem to take issue with the dress as he stood proudly by his wife’s side. Of course, this caused the couple’ to once again ‘s marriage to once again be a focus of social media.

Take a look at the dress that Ciara wore and let us know your thoughts. Should Ciara be more modest or should she feel free to wear whatever makes her comfortable?

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