Man Who Sold Michael K. Williams Laced Heroin Pleads Guilty


One of four individuals charged in connection to Michael K. Williams’ tragic passing pleaded guilty to the charges. Moreover, Irvin Cartagena admitted to selling the acclaimed actor a fatal dose of fentanyl-laced heroin in 2021, thus pleading guilty to narcotics conspiracy resulting in death. However, according to reports from The New York Times, Cartagena (also known as “Green Eyes”) took a guilty plea with a lesser sentence of 24 to 30 years behind bars. “I knew my actions were wrong and against the law,” Cartagena remarked through his Spanish interpreter to Judge Ronnie Abrams. “I am very sorry for my actions.”

Furthermore, the remaining three individuals charged in this case (Luis Cruz, Carlos Macci, and Hector Robles) face similar charges of selling fentanyl-laced narcotics as part of a drug operation. Allegedly, they sold drugs out of an apartment in the Brooklyn borough, the neighborhood where Williams was found dead in his apartment on September 6th, 2021. On one hand, authorities will examine Macci in July after he pleaded guilty to a narcotics conspiracy charge. On the other, both Cruz and Robles pleaded not guilty to these crimes.

Not only that, but the charges against these individuals line up with what medical officials ruled concerning the 54-year-old’s untimely loss. Moreover, a medical examiner found that a fatal mixture of fentanyl, para-fluorofentanyl, cocaine, and heroin took his life. When authorities discovered his body, they also found drug paraphernalia and glassine bags with the tag, “AAA Insurance.” The Wire star’s tragic passing impacted millions of fans, his closest industry colleagues, and his family members in a cutting way. The actor’s nephew, Dominic Dupont, told The New York Times that Cartagena’s plea represents some form of closure, but not true reckoning.

“The reality is there are no winners here,” they expressed to the publication. “Michael was an amazing human being and to lose him is something that we’re still grappling with. The grieving process continues for myself and for my family.” Through his incredible work, his friends’ remembrance, and especially his family’s internal support, generations to come will know how much talent the entertainment world lost when he passed, and how he impacted his closest loved ones.

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