Russell Wilson Puts Future’s Son’s Wide Receiver Skills On Full Display


Russell Wilson had a very difficult season with the Denver Broncos last year. Overall, the Broncos were not good at all. Although they were poised to have an amazing season, Wilson found himself having the worst numbers of his career. However, the team has gotten a new head coach in Sean Payton, who some believe could be the savior of the team. Needless to say, there is a very real possibility that the Broncos have a resurgence this year. Only time will tell whether or not that will be the case.

Throughout the offseason, Russell Wilson has been hard at work, making sure that he doesn’t have another horrendous season. Moreover, he has been spending some time with his kids, as well as his step-son, Future Zahir. Of course, this is Future’s son with Ciara. Over the years, Russ has taken a large role in raising Future Zahir, much to the dismay of weirdos on Twitter. Recently, Wilson has been helping Future Zahir when it comes to playing wide receiver. Overall, the kid has a ton of talent.

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