Young Thug’s Attorney Denies Claims The Rapper Provided Information About A Homicide


Earlier this week, Young Thug’s attorney filed a motion for the testimony of a police witness to be blocked. In the motion, he claims that the witness will make false statements to the jury. According to information obtained by XXL, attorney Brian Steel thinks that the witness, Det. Quinn, will claim that he previously received information from Young Thug regarding an unsolved murder. It’s unconfirmed when the witness claims the incident allegedly took place. However, the motion alleges that he provided the information to police when he was a “very young man.”

The motion says, “Based upon information and belief, the prosecution and some of its witnesses, including but not limited to Det. Quinn, may wrongly state that Mr. Jeffery Williams was in the back of their police car at some point and gave information on a murder case.” It continues, “Same is untrue. However, same also places Mr. Williams’ character in issue by being in a locked police car and having information on a murder. This evidence must be excluded because same is not accurate; places Mr. Williams’ character at issue; and is irrelevant to the trial of the above-referenced case.” Young Thug recently released a new album from behind bars, titled BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. It was released amid his ongoing RICO trial, and the rapper’s fans were eager to hear his latest offering. Due to the buzz surrounding the trial and his loyal fanbase, the album was expected to perform well.

Unfortunately, it was recently reported that the album’s first week sales projections have dropped. Initially, it was projected to sell 110K in it’s first week, and now, it’s expected to sell 87K. Despite this, many fans are loving the new LP. It features guest appearances from Drake, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, and more.

Photo: Paras Griffin | Credit: Getty Images

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