Birdman Presses Druski On IG Live: “You Trying To Step On My Toes”


Birdman finally addressed Druski’s Coulda Been Records. Over the past few years, Druski’s faux record label, which seemingly takes cues from Cash Money Records, provided us with wild viral clips and endless laughter as the comedian embodies the role of a sleazy record executive. However, it’s hard to deny that Druski’s taken inspiration from Birdman for this character. Unfortunately, Baby didn’t find it flattering one bit and finally appeared on Druski’s Instagram Live show, leaving the comedian shook. “I’ve been looking for you, n***a,” Birdman told a visibly rattled Druski.

“I heard you was in my neck of the woods, right? I didn’t think it would be gangsta if I pulled up on you right? So, I said – you know I got a few b*tches that are steppers, right?” he continued. That’s when Druski explained that he’s worked with Drake and NBA Youngboy.. “It’s like you trying to step on my toes. You lil young n***as got the game f*cked up, n****. I am that n****, n***a. I’m watching this shit that you doin’. What the fuck is this record label you starting? How the fuck you doin’ this sh*t without the mothaf*ckin’ –,” he added.

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