Glo’s team is facing major backlash for demanding shades back!


A man in the audience happily grabbed hold of the shades and happily wore them for the rest of Glo’s performance. Unfortunately, his joy didn’t live long, as the “F.N.F.” hitmaker’s team approached the concert patron after her set to ask for the accessory back. It seems the glasses were actually rented, meaning GloRilla (or her stylist) would likely have to pay a hefty fine if not returned to the rightful owner in time.     View this post on Instagram           

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“Stylist woulda been fired that day for not only embarrassing me, but ruining the fan’s experience,” one IG user wrote. “All that over some glasses lol,” another person remarked. “Shoulda just let it happen. Have her pay for them after,” they suggested.

Photo Creator: Terence Rushin | Credit: Terence Rushin

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