AI Generated Drake And The Weeknd Song Now Grammy Eligible


In April of this year, an AI-generated song using Drake and The Weeknd’s vocals began to make waves online. It was called “heart on my sleeve” and was uploaded to YouTube by an artist named Ghostwriter. Universal Music Group responded to the song calling it fraudulent and imploring fans to side with artists over AI. Eventually, they did win out as the original upload of the song was removed from YouTube. But it did open up plenty of debate as many other AI songs popped up in its place. Even artists like Meek Mill took the opportunity to praise the track saying that he had been listening to it a lot since it first dropped. Check out the song below.

Apparently, the artist behind it submitted the track for Grammy consideration and the award show deemed it eligible. While that’s no guarantee that it will actually secure any nominations, its acceptance opens the door for more AI music to possibly be submitted in the future. 

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