Iman Shumpert Accused Of Cheating On Teyana Taylor


Unfortunately, the couple is going through a rough time right now due to some allegations against Shumpert. In a few posts from The Neighborhood Talk, a woman could be seen wearing one of Shumpert’s chains. Moreover, in a recent video, it was alleged that you could hear his voice in the background. This has led to all sorts of speculation that he is cheating on Taylor. These are the kinds of allegations that will always get fans riled up on social media, and that was in full effect last night.     View this post on Instagram           

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The woman in question goes by ayy_mamiii_ on Instagram, and she was not going to sit idly by as people make accusations about her. In the Instagram post below, she came back and said she and Iman Shumpert simply work together. Shumpert has his own label, and she is just one of his artists. For instance, the chain she had on is a chain that was made specifically for him and his various artists. Additionally, the artist blamed the blogs for making the story bigger than it actually is. 

Photo Creator: Robin Marchant | Credit: Getty Images

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