Sexyy Red Keeps Show Going Despite Brawl At Her Show


In a new clip, Sexyy Red is onstage performing her track “SkeeYee,” when a fight breaks out in the crowd. What began as just two women throwing punches quickly turned into an all out brawl, with multiple other people joining in. The hitmaker didn’t appear to be too fazed by the fiasco, however, simply continuing on with her set.

At one point in the clip, she appears to pause, notice the fight, and look confused. It’s clear that she wasn’t about to let the debacle put a damper on her night. The St. Louis-born performer showed out with a couple of dance moves before continuing to rap “SkeeYee.” It’s unclear why the fight broke out, and whether or not anyone was seriously injured as a result of it. Hopefully, everyone who was involved is doing okay.

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