Adidas CEO Says “Kanye West Is Not A Bad Person”


When Ye started spewing anti-semitic remarks, it became clear that they needed to cut ties. Unfortunately for Adidas, this left a $1.3 billion hole in the company. Since that time, the brand has tried to let go of its Yeezy stock, and so far, it has proven to be extremely successful. Given everything that has happened between these two, you would expect Adidas and its CEO, Bjorn Gulden, to be upset. However, that is very much not the case. Instead, Gulden is taking all of this in stride. In fact, while speaking on the In Good Company podcast, Gulden was very complimentary of the rapper. He even noted how sometimes, having to get rid of a collaborator is just the cost of doing business. “when you work with third parties that can happen. It’s part of the game. That can happen with an athlete, with an entertainer. It’s part of the business,” Gulden said.

Photo Creator: CHRISTOF STACHE | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

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