Snoop Dogg Reveals The Amount He Smokes Per Day


 Snoop decided to provide a bit more insight as to just how much he smokes in a day exactly. And it might be less than you think!

In the video, Snoop is in his hotel room watching some Monday night football when he pans to a window sill of 11 blunts total lined up. “Show you what I been doing today, all in a day’s work,” he says. “Oh, wow. That’s some good work, Dog. What kinda pack was it?” Snoop then showcases a pack of Death Row Premium cannabis that he used to pack the blunts. The presence of just 11 blunts on the windowsill contradicts previous theories that he smokes over 150 blunts daily. This statement was made by one of his professional blunt rollers during an interview.

Watch Video Below!

Photo Creator: Emma McIntyre | Credit: Getty Images

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