VB School Board holding special meeting on model policies for LGBTQ+ students


The Virginia Beach School Board is having a special session on Monday afternoon to discuss model policies for how LGBTQ+ students are treated in school.

In July, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration released changes to the state-wide Virginia Department of Education model policies.

The policies require teachers to call students by the name and pronouns assigned at birth unless parents say otherwise. VBCPS decided not to follow the policy as it is, but to modify it, voting in September on two policies.

VB School Board revises non-discrimination policies

The first policy removes a reference to the Virginia Department of Education model policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools. It passed 10-1. The second policy, passed 7-3 with one abstention, gives parents the choice to alter their child’s school records.

Meanwhile two parents are suing the school district. They want VBPS to follow the policy that the governor’s administration wrote.

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