GloRilla Jokes She Wants An Abortion Clinic Membership


The rapper is raising eyebrows with her latest post on the social media platform for pretty bizarre reasons, in the sense that it’s tough to explicitly confirm that this is what she’s really talking about. “Stop asking am I next y’all kno what I do,” the “Tomorrow 2” MC wrote. “I damn near gotta membership at dat place.”

Moreover, people think that she’s actually referring to an abortion clinic, which does line up contextually. Folks often ask who’s “next” in line to have a baby, clinics do accept memberships, and none of that is taking into account the pro-life or pro-choice debate, which is a massive can of worms. Unfortunately, though, GloRilla’s tweets surrounding this one on Saturday (October 14) don’t provide much further context. As such, maybe this is talking about something completely different, but perhaps we’ll never know.

Photo Creator: Paras Griffin | Credit: Paras Griffin

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