Diddy’s New Sexual Assault Accuser Appoints Cassie’s Lawyers For Her Case


Diddy and his team recently received their fourth (allegedly fifth) sexual assault lawsuit in the past three weeks. Crazy enough is that these cases relate to each other in unique ways, especially when it comes to how they might play out in court. Furthermore, a Jane Doe recently accused Sean Combs and two other men of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. According to reporter Meghann Cuniff, the plaintiff hired the same lawyers that worked with Cassie in the settled lawsuit that kicked this wave off. “This is now the fifth lawsuit filed against Mr. Combs in the last three weeks,” the latest lawsuit against Diddy reads. “Incredibly, the allegations brought by Ms. Doe are in many ways even more egregious than those brought by his prior victims.” Not only that, but we’re also getting rumors and whispers of how this whole situation is impacting the industry. Apparently, this resulted in a “logistical nightmare” for the Grammys, for which he is nominated for this year.

The same lawyers who represented Cassie in her quickly settled lawsuit against Diddy have sued him again, this time on behalf of a woman who’s staying anonymous.

This complaint has a “trigger warning” on the front page, too, just like Cassie’s did. pic.twitter.com/AJJXFNnrD3

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) December 6, 2023

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