Ice Spice Sued For Copyright “In Ha Mood”


According to TMZ, artist D.Chamberz sued the Ice and her producer RIOTUSA for copying his 2022 track “In That Mood.”

He claims that the Ice and RIOT copied his January 2022 song “In That Mood,” which is another drill song that repeats this phrase with a similar vibe. Not only that, but according to The Neighborhood Talk, Chamberz went so far as to allege she stole his narrative content, as well as the production, the rhythmic phrasing of the chorus, and the song and lyric writing in general.

D.Chamberz theorized that RIOT could’ve heard the song played often in the New York City area he lived in, and that he even got airplay on Hot 97, so this could’ve made him come across it. He also says he recorded “In That Mood” a full year before Ice Spice dropped her SNL highlight track. “in ha mood” is certified gold by the RIAA, which means there’s a significant financial incentive for Chamberz to claim rightful ownership of this single. Reportedly, he seeks half of the publishing rights to “in ha mood,” damages, and other forms of revenue.     View this post on Instagram           

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