Tiffany Haddish Shares Moments From Israel Trip (Fans Call This A “Propaganda Tour”)


The fans are not pleased with the recent decision of Tiffany Haddish going to Israel!

“She’s on an influencer trip a few miles away from where kids being slaughtered. Must be fun,” one person said. “Meanwhile people on the other side are literally starving to death. Smfh dystopian af,” added another. “This is disgusting. To make a mockery of the pain and suffering 🥺,” lamented a third. Many more people filled the comments with rallying cries of “Free Palestine”.     View this post on Instagram           

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Haddish also addressed the jokes she had recorded and published online during her flight to Israel. Even pro-Israel advocates were dismayed that Haddish had joked that she was on her way to “find a man” in Israel. Haddish doubled down, praising herself for doing something that most other single women wouldn’t dare to do. Additionally, Haddish attempted to draw sympathy from TMZs viewers by claiming she was “all alone” in the world. 

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