Nas Announces New TV Series In The Works


The series is reportedly going to tell the story of the first-ever black grandmaster in chess Maurice Ashley. Deadline reports it’s due for an eight-episode first season. But he isn’t working on the show alone and one of the collaborators he recruited has experience in the space between rap and television.

Nas is teaming up with Mark Canton, who has served as a producer on 50 Cent’s show Power and some of its spin-offs. In discussions about the collaboration the rapper seemed pretty excited at the potential. “I’m grateful to be part of bringing Maurice Ashley’s incredible life to the screen. His story is one of greatness and his perseverance will continue to inspire the next generation of thinkers,” he said. Ashley himself also spoke out about the project. He expressed his thanks for those fighting to make sure his story is told and the importance he feels it conveys.

Checkmate! Nas & ‘Power’ EP Mark Canton Team Up For Series On First Black Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 6, 2024

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