Three years ago, a fan accused comedian Katt Williams of assaulting him for no reason. Tyrell Williams, a fan, says that at an after party for one of Katt’s shows, he tried to take a SnapChat photo of the actor. According to Tyrell, this angered Katt causing the comedian to “suddenly and without warning” hit Tyrell’s iPhone out of his hand. Tyrell then states in court documents that Katt punched him in the face three times before running from the scene.

The alleged victim filed a police report and issued a lawsuit against Katt. He claimed he suffered from a number of injuries in addition to mental anguish, and sued for unspecified damages. According to reports, Katt blew off the lawsuit so a judge granted Tyrell a default judgment of $25,000. This is just the tip of the iceberg in legal troubles for the actor, as his lawyer in another case has filed a motion requesting to be removed as Williams’ representation.

Matthew Gurvitz of Venable LLP is representing Williams in a lawsuit against him where a former assistant claims that Williams viciously attacked her by throwing her to the ground before slamming her head into the concrete. She claims that she lost consciousness and required hospitalization and is seeking $1 million. Gurvitz says that Williams has “become unreasonably difficult for Venable to carry out effective representation,” mostly because of Katt’s “general lack of communication.”

Williams has requested that the lawsuit filed by his former assistant be dismissed. Meanwhile, a Portland judge recently issued a bench warrant against Williams after he failed to appear in court. Those charges stem from an incident in October where the comedian is charged with assault.