In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, we are finally at the last episode of the season and after all the drama, fights, breakups and makeups, things are finally coming to a close.Kendra, Bambi, and Shekinah got together at Bambi’s hair extension launch and the girls caught up on the latest drama. Shekinah broke down the messy series of events which occurred on last week’s episode at Rasheeda’s mother/daughter event. Additionally, Kendra admitted although her relationship with Joc remained on the rocks because of Karlie’s shenanigans, she still missed him deeply. The women of the cast suggested that Kendra continue to give him a hard time to teach him a lesson but eventually take him back.With Shekinah’s help, however, Joc was able to coordinate a beautiful proposal. He popped the question to Kendra and delivered a heartfelt speech about the importance she has in his life. Kendra quickly caught on that the masquerade party was actually disguised as a proposal. Both her family and friends were present, unbeknownst to her and the reveal brought Kendra to tears. And of course, said yes. Congratulations to the happy couple.