Migos Walk It Like I Talk It Lawsuit


Migos has won the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by a North Carolina-based artist. In a decision handed down. In a decision handed down Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torrez dismissed the complaint filed last October Leander Pickett who claimed the hip-hop group’s 2018 single “Walk It Talk It” infringed the copyright of his 2008 song “Walk It Like I Talk It.”Torres agreed with defendants that the only similarity between the two tracks. The lyric “walk it like I talk it” is a “short and commonplace phrase” that is not protectable under copyright law. She additionally noted that because the phrase was used in a variety of other songs recorded prior to Pickett’s. Torres additionally dismissed the complaint on grounds that Pickett failed to properly register a copyright for the composition prior to filing the suit, which is required for a copyright complaint to move forward.

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