Lizzo named TIME magazine’s entertainer of the year


The eight-time Grammy nominee has been named entertainer of the year by TIME magazine. 

“ARE.. YOU.. NOT.. ENTERTAINED?!? “LIZZO” singer/rapper commented — in a nod to the film “Gladiator” — on Instagram as she posted her TIME cover photo. “Thank you” Time for naming me; “Entertainer of the Year.”

The “Hustlers” star is proud to see women of color being recognized. “Being a black woman is popping but like right now, in mainstream culture, like we’re finally getting a little more respect and getting our due,” Lizzo said.

As her success continues, the 31-year-old entertainer wants to expand her career into writing and directing.

After years of struggle,  Lizzo emerged as the breakthrough artist of 2019 with her double-platinum hit, “Truth Hurts,” and two platinum singles, “Good as Hell” and “Juice.”

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