R.Kelly – Azriel Clary Says Singer Beat Her With A Sneaker For Hours While She Was Naked, Blackmailed Everyone



Azriel Clary was scandalously known as one of the 53-year-old’s live-in lady friends until she moved out of his condominium in Trump Tower in Chicago and rejoined with her folks. She apparently lived with R. Kelly, who is as of now on preliminary for kid erotic entertainment and other related charges, since she was 17-years of age during summer break from school.

In a meeting with The Sun, Azriel Clary claimed,

“I imagine that there are several unfortunate casualties out there. Robert has his live-in lady friends, he has sweethearts in each city. He has hurls in each city. There are normally three fundamental urban communities in each state. So multiple times 50 – that tells you what number of ladies are likely out there and that is presumably not in any event, hitting it on the nail.”

She proceeded to talk on R. Kelly’s supposed activities and included that he purportedly goes incredible lengths to cover them up.

“Generally he extorts everybody. He causes everybody to do corrupting stuff, regardless of whether on film or recording it, he makes them sign it. Furthermore, I think a lot of ladies are embarrassed or humiliated to turn out on account of stuff like that since it’ll be implicating them – there’s such a lot of stuff. He has letters of individuals saying that they’ve taken from him. He has letters from individuals saying that they’ve been attacked or moved by their folks or their siblings or a relative. He even has individuals on film attacking their more youthful nieces or more youthful siblings.”

With respect to why the supposed exploited people haven’t approached, Clary says she accepts they’re embarrassed.

“I know a ton of ladies out there are excessively humiliated, embarrassed, and embarrassed to turn out in light of the fact that this man had that much capacity to control them, to cause them to attack their more youthful niece or to attack their more youthful sibling. By and by, had I at any point done anything like that, I would be totally too embarrassed to even think about coming forward. Fortunately, I’ve never been in that circumstance. Be that as it may, have I seen it done to other ladies? Truly, I have.”

She proceeded to review when she previously saw something wasn’t right. She said she saw one of the announced exploited people purportedly get bounced by R. Kelly and two different lady friends since she wouldn’t spotless.

“We were in Atlanta at the chateau and he hurried into the room and said he had a gathering and one of the young ladies would not like to assist clean with increasing for that gathering. Thus two different sweethearts start to loudly manhandle the other sweetheart and afterward, they started to genuinely mishandle her. They began punching her, slapping her and afterward from that point, Robert came into the room and he started to mishandle her also, verbally and truly slapping her, punching her, pushing her, simply tossing her around like a ragdoll. That was my absolute first warning.”

She said he supposedly once turned his resentment toward her and purportedly utilized a size 12 Air Force one to manhandle her for quite a long time while she was exposed. She said the supposed episode happened in light of the fact that he found her conversing with her companions from secondary school on the telephone.

“I was conversing with my companions from secondary school and he didn’t care for that I was all the while conversing with them … he imagined that I was keeping things from him. I was simply in correspondence with two of my sweethearts and he made me content them a long untruth, fundamentally saying why I never again needed to be companions with them. And afterward, he beat me, he manhandled me verbally and afterward he beat me truly. At that point, he beat me with a shoe – a size 12, Nike Air Force One shoe. Also, he beat me on top of, it felt like hours and I was shrouded in welts right from my neck down.”

She said another supposed sweetheart, who passed by Juice, needed to wash her a short time later as R. Kelly supposedly apologized.

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