It is clear where the country’s leaders stand right now. As the nation is in severe pain, grieving the death of George Floyd and countless other people of color that have lost their lives to racism and police brutality, a group of protestors was peacefully gathered in Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Square to combat racial inequality in the world. The city has imposed a 7 PM curfew and, just before it hit, the crowd was doused in tear gas and struck with flash-bang explosions, and it was all just to make way for President Donald Trump to continue walking to the nearby St. John’s Church, which was damaged by fire the day prior, for a photo op.The President is being criticized for posing in front of the church, and for failing to pray, mention George Floyd, or speak on any of the protests that have taken over in recent days. Trump has been hiding out in the White House bunker but he decided to come out to have his photo taken with a bible outside of the battered church.

Many have expressed outrage at the White House and the President for allowing the use of riot control tactics on a crowd of peaceful protestors, who were carrying signs and shouting for justice.

During Trump’s address, he called himself “an ally of all peaceful protesters” before claiming he will send the military to states that could not control rioting.