Across the nation, we are all fighting for the basic human rights of black people. Nobody should be afraid to do something as simple as taking a trip to the grocery store without constantly living in fear for your life, facing racial harassment, either by other citizens or by the police. On Black Out Tuesday, we are shifting the focus of our editorial content to display stories from the protests, including videos, photos, and more, that are showing the nation’s response to our efforts.In Richmond, Virginia, a video has been circulating that shows a group of police officers standing in front of a detained protestor. The man is handcuffed and kneeling on the grass. Several of the officers, including one man who does it multiple times, spits on or around the protestor as a couple of women filming in the distance yell out to tell them they’re on camera.This is obviously troubling for so many reasons. However, the fact that we are in a global pandemic where people are literally being arrested for spitting or “willingly” attempting to spread the coronavirus, yet these police officers are out here doing just that, is pretty sickening.

Watch the clip below and continue fighting back against racial injustice. We won’t stop until everybody gets equal treatment.