Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Big Meech will be coming home anytime soon.

According to an exclusive report from All Hip Hop, the legendary drug kingpin has been denied his release from prison, due to disciplinary violations.

We previously reported that there was a good chance that he would be allowed to come home with the remainder of his 30-year sentence being counted as time served. While there is still a possibility that he will get out before his sentence is up, that time is not now.

New legal documents state that, because of Big Meech’s history of breaking the rules in prison, he has not proven that he will not re-offend should he be granted a compassionate release. It appears as though he will be getting out a few years earlier than originally anticipated though, with the paperwork revealing that he’s only got a total of 100 months left on his sentence.

Big Meech filed the appeal to be released after his brother, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory was granted his own compassionate release. He only heard back now, learning that his own behavior, including some time spent in solitary confinement, led the judge to keep him locked up.

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