Somehow, Celina Powell is still somewhat relevant in 2021. This week, she went viral after her alleged text message exchange with Drake resurfaced, showing how the global superstar curved her. On TikTok, Celina has been enjoying the increased traffic, making other wild claims that are very likely false, including these ones about Offset.  A few years ago, Celina Powell claimed to have gotten pregnant by Offset. The claims were proven false after legal action was taken by the Migos rapper, but the allegations nearly destroyed Offset’s marriage to Cardi B. After Celina claimed that the rapper offered her $50,000 to get an abortion, showing the cease and desist letter that was sent to her and also claiming that EminemGucci Mane, and others have asked her to get abortions, Cardi actually stepped in to clap back against the Black Widow.

You must be new on social media,” she said to somebody who questioned why she took back her husband after this scandal. “Here let me take you way back,” she added, sharing headlines about how Celina lied about everything.

Celina continued to troll, writing “I miss you” under Cardi’s tweet. “First drake and now cardi b lmao I’m having a great day,” she later tweeted. “They both hate me. I love them both tho.”

What do you make of this?