They were married in 2009 and their relationship was center stage as Lamar Odom was swept up into the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The Los Angeles Laker icon and his reality TV star wife Khloe Kardashian even had their own reality show where they let the world into their most intimate moments, but by 2015, things had taken a turn. There were accusations of drug use and infidelity and in 2015, Odom was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital after nearly losing his life at a Nevada brothel. It’s taken time for Odom to become clean and sober, and he’s often reflected on his past triumphs and mistakes in interviews. Earlier today (February 2), Odom caught up with The Morning Hustle and answered a few questions about his relationship with Khloe. One of the show’s hosts, L’oreal, wanted to know if, when Khloe was going through her troubles with Tristan Thompson, she reached out to Odom. “Nah, I don’t really get to speak to her much,” the newly single sports star said, adding that the last time they spoke, it was about an excerpt in his bestselling book, Darkness to Light: A Memoir. The former NBA star was then asked if he could go back throughout his life and repeat any year over and over again, what year would he choose.

“Um, I would say, probably 2009,” Odom answered. “I think it was—I think it was the first time I decided to cheat on Khloe. I would rewind that back. I would never let that happen.” The hosts noticed that Odom seemed a little nostalgic and asked the baller if he still had feelings for his ex-wife. “She got a man,” he said dismissively. Things took a light-hearted turn with the host said that Odom could take on Thompson, especially now that he’s training for his celebrity boxing match.

“He from Canada, you from Queens!” L’oreal said with a laugh. Odom joined in on the jokes but had a serious moment when he added that Khloe “was good to me.”