He rid himself of a $60 million lawsuit last year, but Kevin Hart is kicking off 2021 with more legal, and personal, troubles. The comedic actor’s career has blossomed into super-stardom over the last decade or so, and since he has become an entertainment mogul, it’s necessary for Hart to hire a few more hands onto his team to take care of everyday essentials. However, it’s reported that the actor’s personal shopper, Dylan Syer, may have been dipping into his employer’s funds because he faces charges of grand larceny as well as nine other counts. According to TMZ, Syer appeared in court on Wednesday (February 10) and stands accused of using Hart’s credit card to “launder cash into his own account.” The outlet contends that Syer was hired by Hart back in 2015 and as apart of his employment, the actor gave him the authorization to make purchases with his personal credit card. However, it’s alleged that Syer made away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of Hart’s money by moving the funds into his own account before spending it “lavishly” on jewelry, art, and luxury items. Syer reportedly purchased $400K worth of watches, approximately 16 Bearbrick collectible dolls, two Louis Vuitton bags, nd more. In total, the District Attorney’s office claims that Hart was swindled out of just over $1 million during a two-year period. Check out a few photos in the Twitter post below.