South Beach party just moves in different direction despite 8 p.m. imposed curfew


Crowds were packed in tight on Ocean Drive Sunday night. Once again, Miami Beach and law enforcement who had joined to help them had their hands full.

With sirens blaring and a warning over a loudspeaker, police continued to clear out the city’s entertainment district because of an 8 p.m. curfew that was imposed on Saturday. An emergency commission meeting held on Sunday extended the curfew Thursday night through early Monday mornings through April 12.

The party didn’t stop, though. It just moved onto side streets, where people were spotted dancing on top of cars, damaging many of them, in a neighborhood just west of Washington Avenue.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s a shame,” said Urmi Macknack who lives in Miami Beach.

Raul Aguila, interim city manager, Miami Beach, said during an emergency commission meeting on Sunday: “This spring break has been a challenge for us.”

South Beach residents just want to feel a sense of control and normalcy.

“We don’t mind if people come here and have a good time, but if they could just do it in a responsible way and a respectable way then we don’t mind if you come here,” Macknack said.

City leaders made it a point to say that the curfew and causeway closures are only in effect Thursday night through Monday morning.

If the crowds become a problem during the week, the city manager now has the authority to extend those orders.


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