J. Cole has officially left the Rwanda Patriots basketball club, citing “family obligations.” The news was announced on Wednesday after it was revealed that the rapper/professional baller had fulfilled his contractual obligation to the team after playing in three games.The North Carolina native’s overseas stint in Africa brought tons of media attention to the Basketball Africa League, with social media going crazy every time the rapper hit the court. His highlights have been the subject of a media circus, and so have his not-so-shiny moments on the floor. J. Cole finished his contract with five points, three assists, and five rebounds.

His career with the Rwanda Patriots wrapped up with the rapper providing all kinds of new equipment to the team’s staff and players in a moment of generosity that was captured by the cameras. The “family obligation” that Cole left the team for has not been revealed but it can’t have been easy for the superstar to be away from his kids for the last few weeks.

Do you think J. Cole will continue his basketball career elsewhere? Has he earned a role in the NBA or the G-League next year?


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