His career is maintaining an all-time high and it looks as if his relationship with JT is solid, but Lil Uzi Vert has expressed he isn’t doing well at the moment. The rapper and his City Girls girlfriend have finally gone public with their romance after what seemed like over a year of rumors, and they’ve enjoyed being out in the open about their relationship. However, both Uzi and JT have faced backlash and criticism from the public as they endure harassment from trolls and online bullies.After showing off their matching tattoos, Uzi and JT have taken a step back from giving fans too much of an inside look into their personal lives. Uzi resurfaced on Twitter earlier today with a few messages that disturbed the public and now people are pleading with the rapper to get help.

“So I’m literally getting broke down into pieces,” he tweeted. He sent and deleted another tweet that read, “I’m ready to die [bed emoji].” Then, Uzi added, “Song titles I’m back on my f*ck it sh*t” and “And honestly I just been working to hard that I felt like that so I named 2 songs after my emotions.”

It seems that Uzi was just expressing himself and dropping new titles, but people were still concerned. Check out the tweets below.