Floyd Mayweather Open To Oscar De La Hoya Fight On One Condition


Floyd Mayweather appears to be down for a rematch.

Floyd Mayweather has a flawless 50-0 record in his career and at this point, it looks as though he is retired from prizefighting. Instead, he would rather take on exhibition matches that make him an exorbitant amount of money. An example of this is when he took on the likes of Logan Paul just a few months ago in a fight that was a waste of time for everyone involved.

Now, Mayweather is looking for his next challenge, and it seems like that challenge is coming from none other than Oscar De La Hoya. These two fought over a decade ago, with Mayweather coming out victorious. Recently, De La Hoya told TMZ that he would love to fight against Mayweather again, and that he would even offer $100 million to make it happen.

According to TMZ, Floyd’s people are saying that the fighter is actually interested in taking on this fight, although he must get his $100 million. He won’t do it for any less, and there seems to be some doubt that De La Hoya actually has that kind of money to blow on an exhibition. Either way, the proposal is intriguing, and if De La Hoya coughs up the dough, the fans could be in for a treat.

This is a narrative that could last a while so be sure to stay tuned to HNHH as we will always provide you with the latest updates from the sports world.

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