Camaryn Swanson Reveals Why She Pressed Charges Against Tyga


She claims “someone” forced her hand after they gave “fake news” to TMZ.

It has been a hectic week for Tyga after his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson, came forward with accusations of domestic abuse. Swanson pressed charges this week resulting in Tyga turning himself over to authorities on felony charges. Many were not aware that Tyga and Swanson were no longer dating, but the public has received intimate details about their sheltered romance.Following the news about Tyga’s arrest, Swanson returned to Instagram to share her side of the story, stating that it was not her intention to go public about this alleged altercation.

“Unfortunately ‘someone’ released a false narrative to TMZ painting me out to be somebody I am not, accusing me of things that did not happen and that I did not do,” Swanson wrote enigmatically. “With that being said I took matters into my own hands and posted the TRUTH with proof tagging tmz AFTER they released the fake news.”

She added that she does not regret coming forward. “Looking back now, I’m proud of myself,” Swanson added. “I’m glad to raise awareness to women who may be going through this and hopefully motivate others to stand up for themselves.” Meanwhile, as this case is ongoing, Tyga has not addressed the allegations publicly.

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