Michael Jordan Reveals The Only Athlete He Fears


Michael Jordan recently sat down with Steph Curry for an in-depth interview.

Michael Jordan is well known as one of the most competitive people to ever play the game of basketball. He was a menace on the court and as a result, he came one of the best to ever step on the court. To this day, his competitive nature is the stuff of legend, and it was on full display in “The Last Dance,” which didn’t always paint MJ in the best light. 

Recently, Jordan sat down with Steph Curry for an in-depth interview that went up on Curry’s YouTube channel. At one point in the discussion, Curry asked Jordan who he feared the most in terms of sports. That is when Jordan threw a curveball stating that he fears golfer Ian Poulter.

“I’m not scared of anybody…but Ian Poulter,” Jordan said. “I used to go and watch him all the time. If I’m in any of his matches or walking down, he finds me after he makes a good putt, and it’s like, ‘Man, I didn’t do anything. I like you. I support you.’ I stay away from him when I’m walking. I won’t go watch him.”

Jordan sure does love his golf so it makes sense that he would choose some from the sport. Poulter was certainly one of the best in the world during his prime, and with Jordan playing so many tournaments around the world, they would have met up with each other quite a bit.

In terms of basketball though, it remains clear that MJ truly was fearless.

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