Summer Walker Responds To “Ex For A Reason” Backlash


Summer Walker commented on the criticism of her new song, “Ex For A Reason.”

Summer Walker responded to fans’ criticism of her new song, “Ex For A Reason,” on Instagram, over the weekend. She says that she originally wanted to release a song called “Toxic,” but its too late to change her mind now.

“Stop @-ing me, ” she wrote on her Instagram story, over a selfie. “The first song I wanted to release was called Toxic but we here now. I had no say in making this decision. So let’s just move past it now. We’re here now, so leave me alone.”

The new song features City Girls rapper JT and boasts a more upbeat attitude than Walker’s usual work. Many fans were disappointed, hoping for a more slowed-down R&B track.

“That b*** our ex (Your ex), for a reason though (Reason though),” the two girls sing on the hook. “Try me, trespass, Guaranteed to beat yo a** (Oh, oh) That b*** your ex (Your ex), for a reason though (Reason though). It’s too much for her heart to take, I give no f***s ’bout what she gotta say (No, woah)”

One fan online complained about how many song writing credits were given on the song, just for it to be a disappointment: “8 people got song writing credits on Ex For A Reason & I been playing OVER IT for almost 2 years waiting on you to push another album for this to be the result,” they wrote.

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