DaBaby Gets Hate For Holding His Child Incorrectly In New IG Video


The rapper is facing heat for not supporting his young child’s neck.

It’s been an interesting month for DaBaby, to say the very least. The recording artist spent the last half of November having a nasty online and in real life feud with his most recent baby mama, DaniLeigh, that’s resulted in him posting some questionable content as of late.

Earlier this morning, the “Ball If I Want To” rapper shared a clip of he and Dani’s infant in his hands, dancing about to Nelly’s “Hot In Herre.” He wrote, “imagine thinking it’s sweet enough to play w/ my kids then boom… I whip out & burn yo ass n front of everybody & walk away [straight] face” in the caption.     View this post on Instagram           

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“Let this fame shit fool you into thinking I’m not living & dying for ALL mines. Ain’t shit changed. The FIRST one of y’all I catch playing in person I’m doin you dat. So y’all n*ggas be safe. Daddy love you baby, can’t wait to put ya boyfriend on a t-shirt.”

While the 29-year-old may have turned off comments on his own post, a repost on @ballerallert has gotten plenty of attention from concerned viewers. “HOLD THE BABY NECK UP SHE ONLY 3 MONTHS DAMN,” one of the most-liked replies says. “Any adult knows this ain’t good for the baby’s neck.”

“Imagine this being your like 3rd baby and you still don’t know how to hold one…” another user pointed out. Others couldn’t help but dwell on the weirdness of the entire post, particularly the “cringeworthy” part where Baby said he “can’t wait” for his daughter, who’s only months old, to get a boyfriend so he can rep it on a shirt. 

The Ohio-born artist gave the world a first look at his youngest child on social media earlier this month, after an explosive feud broke out between he and the baby’s mother, DaniLeigh. At the time, Baby began live-streaming the yelling match, which eventually turned into the former couple trading shots back and forth from their pages.

At one point, the “Babysitter” artist referred to Dani as his “side bitch,” prompting her brother, Brandon Bills, to challenge him to a boxing matchDaBaby’s other baby mama, Meme, also got involved, not hesitating to air out her grievances with the “Cravin” singer.

DaniLeigh has been active on Instagram this morning since her exes post, although she hasn’t commented on the concerning footage just yet. Instead, she’s been sharing some selfies with followers, and asking for advice on how to get rid of the weight she gained during pregnancy.

What are your thoughts on DaBaby’s new video with his daughter?

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