Social Media Digs Old Clip Of Marjorie Harvey Telling Lori Harvey Not To Date Any Rappers Or Athletes


Everyone has Lori Harvey on their wishlist.

In the event that there is one thing that web-based life is beneficial for, it’s uncovering things from an earlier time. Numerous famous people have wound up in unbalanced difficulties because of social media discovering things from once upon a time and putting them upfront once more. The most recent celebs to get these treatments are mother-girl couple Marjorie Harvey and Lori Harvey.

As you likely know at this point, Lori has made a significant name for herself because of her consistently changing dating record—and dating men who are selective to media outlets. All things considered, sometime in the distant past her mom Majorie Harvey offered her some dating guidance that was broadcast on her significant other Steve Harvey’s since-dropped daytime syndicated program. Marjorie’s recommendation contained an admonition against dating rappers or athletes… the guidance that Lori has clearly not taken.

In the range of 2019, Lori has dated Diddy’s son Christian, Diddy himself, Trey Songz and now Future—so her mom’s recommendation was obviously failing to attract anyone’s attention, however here what’s Marjorie recently informed her regarding going in 2015:

“I know you just began dating this year. No athletes, no rappers. We going to come up with a list.”

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