Virginia to allocate extra food stamps benefits to eligible families on Jan. 16


On Wednesday, the Virginia Department of Social Services announced that they will be releasing emergency allotments of benefits to eligible families later this month.

Officials say the benefits will automatically be loaded to recipients’ Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards on Sunday, January 16. Emergency allotment benefits are, however, only available to current SNAP households only and do not apply to Pandemic EBT recipients.Virginia to allocate extra food stamps benefits to eligible families on Dec. 16 

The emergency allotments raise existing SNAP households’ monthly benefit amount to the maximum allowable based on the size of each household as follows: 

Maximum SNAP Allotments for 48 States and D.C.

Social Services note that these benefits are only available through a public health emergency declaration that requires an extension on a month-to-month basis.

Those with questions should contact their local department of social services or visit CommonHelp at to access account information.SNAP (food stamps) benefits see largest increase in history 

For additional information regarding SNAP, how to apply, and other assistance programs, visit 


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